recent publications

I’ve had three pieces of varying scope come out in the past few weeks. The eagle-eyed will have spotted some portion of each of my three main dissertation chapters!

Sex detectives: Law & Order: SVU‘s fans, critics, and characters investigate lesbian desire is the five-year-old “My Girlfriend Olivia” paper, finally ready for prime time in Transformative Works and Cultures.

• My essay “User-Penetrated Content: Fan Video in the Age of Convergence” is part of the fabulous In Focus: Fandom and Feminism [right-click to download PDF] feature in the most recent Cinema Journal (it comes from my Battlestar Galactica chapter).

You Write It! Or, The L Word Is Labor is an In Media Res post about fan-written scripts that teases the chapter to come. Check out more lively contributions to L Word week through Friday!

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For an article that’s completely unrelated to my dissertation, watch for “Show Me Yours: Cyber-Exhibitionism from Perversion to Politics” in Camera Obscura #73 (spring 2010).