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The Evergreen State College

  • 2013-present / Member of the Faculty

Five College Women’s Studies Research Center, Mount Holyoke College

  •  2012-2013 / Research Associate (New Media in Feminist Scholarship, Teaching, and Activism)

Stanford University, Department of Art & Art History

  •  January 2010-2011 / Acting Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies Program

Brown University, Department of Modern Culture & Media

  • 2011-2012 / Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Spring 2007 / Teaching Fellow
  • 2004-2006 / Teaching Assistant


Brown University, Department of Modern Culture & Media

  • 2010 / PhD – “Indiscrete Media: Television/Digital Convergence and Economies of Online Lesbian Fan Communities”
  • 2006 / MA

Swarthmore College

  • 2001 / BA in English Literature with High Honor (Theater Studies minor, Interpretation Theory concentration)


Indiscrete Media: Queer Economies of Convergence (forthcoming)


“Many Copies: Cylon Television and Hybrid Video.” New Media, Old Media: A History and Theory Reader (2nd edition), edited by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Anna Watkins Fisher, and Thomas Keenan. Routledge, 2015 (forthcoming).

“Labor of Love: Charting The L Word.” Wired TV: Laboring Over an Interactive Future, edited by Denise Mann. Rutgers U Press, 2014.

“Textual Orientation: Female Fandom Online.” Routledge Companion to Media and Gender, edited by Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner, and Lisa McLaughlin. Routledge, 2013.


“Show Me Yours: The Perversion and Politics of Cyber-Exhibitionism.” Camera Obscura 73 (Vol. 25, No. 1): 130-159. Duke U Press, 2009.

“Inside the Box: Accessing Self-Reflexive Television.” The Journal of E-Media Studies (Vol. 2, No. 1). Dartmouth, 2009.

“Sex Detectives: Law & Order: SVU‘s Fans, Critics, and Characters Investigate Lesbian Desire.” Transformative Works and Cultures, No. 3. OTW, 2009.


“Teaching Media Through Media.” Almanac (No. 1): 154-157. Department of Art & Art History, Stanford University, 2010.

“User-Penetrated Content: Fan Videos in the Age of Convergence.” Cinema Journal (Vol. 48, No. 4): 125-130. SCMS and U Texas Press, 2009.

“Hera Has Six Mommies (A Transmedia Love Story).” FlowTV (Vol. 7, Special). U Texas Austin, 2007.

“Hairgate! TV’s Coiffure Controversies and Lesbian Locks.” Camera Obscura (Vol. 22, No. 2). Duke UP, 2007.

“‘The Real Thing’: Reframing Queer Pornography for Virtual Spaces.” C’Lick Me: A Netporn Studies Reader. Institute of Network Cultures, 2007.


Co-editor (with Francesca Coppa), “Fan/Remix Video” special issue. Transformative Works and Cultures (No. 9). OTW, March 2012.

Guest Associate Editor (with Guest Editor Lynne Joyrich), “Re/Producing Cult TV: The Battlestar Galactica Issue.” FlowTV (Vol. 7, Special). U Texas Austin, 2007.


Speaker / “Queer Windows” (queer publics, media histories, and online fandom)
07 April 2014: Critical and Cultural Theory lecture series, The Evergreen State College

Panelist / “Fan Studies: Past, Present, and Future(s)”
19 October 2013: GeekGirlCon, Seattle

Public Colloquium / “Fan Video and the Queerness of Media Convergence”
22 February 2013: Five College Women’s Studies Research Center, Mount Holyoke College

Presenter / The Social Network and Catfish
26 February 2012: Reel Deal, a film series of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Society

Presenter (Makers Panel) / 24/7 2011: The State of the Art in DIY Video
16 April 2011: summit at California College of the Arts, San Francisco

Curator and Presenter / Subverting Gender and Sexuality with Remix Video
25 March 2010: special event at California State University, Northridge

Presenter / “Out of Place/Out of Time: Queer Studies in Theory and Practice”
19 April 2008: LGBTQ Resource Center Graduate Student Colloquium, Brown University

Organizer and Speaker / Media Fetish: The Vidshow!
06 April 2008: special event with Francesca Coppa at Brown University

Speaker / “SkewTube: Fan Videos, Brokeback Trailers, and the Future of User-Penetrated Content”
04 March 2008: campus talk at Swarthmore College

Organizer and Speaker / (Re)Producing Cult TV: Battlestar Galactica
02 March 2007: special event with Mary McDonnell at Brown University


Society for Cinema and Media Studies – International Conference, Seattle
March 2014: “Spirit of Chaos: My Little Pony Remix as Queer Fan Labor” & respondent for panel Materialities of Fantastic Media

Mediating Public Spheres: Feminist Knowledge in the Digital Age – Five Colleges
April 2013: “Digital Feminisms” group presenter, The Role of Digital Humanities in Gender Studies roundtable & moderator,

Habits of Living: Networked Affects, Glocal Effects – Brown University
March 2013: FemTechNet Dialogue: Sexuality (paired with Faith Wilding, moderated by Anne Balsamo)

Society for Cinema and Media Studies – International Conference, Chicago
March 2013: “Ctrl-Alt-Academy: Queering Agency Within Precarity” in workshop Success and Survival in the 21st Century: Career Strategies for Under- or Unrepresented Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty in Film and Media Studies

Console-ing Passions – International Conference on Media & Feminism, Boston
July 2012: “Fandemics! Queering Immaterial, Industrial, and Academic Labor Under Convergence” in workshop Queer TV Theory and Praxis

Performing Under Pressure – Brown University
April 2012: longtable panelist, “Professionalizing the Digital Self”

Marxism and New Media – Duke University
January 2012: “Queer Labor? Online Workers in the Television Factory” & workshop Mediating Autonomia

Society for Cinema and Media Studies – International Conference, New Orleans
March 2011: “Media Is Plural: Life-Streaming and Code-Switching in Social Scholarship,” in Women’s Caucus workshop: Blogging, Tweeting, and Posting: Online Media Community Building & Scholarly Promotion

Flow Conference – Dept. of Radio-Television-Film, UT Austin
October 2010: “Twansformative? The Future of Fandom on Twitter”

Society for Cinema and Media Studies – International Conference, Los Angeles
March 2010: “Sex Detectives: Law & Order: SVU’s Fans, Critics, and Characters Investigate Lesbian Desire”

Diversifying Participation – Digital Media and Learning Conference, UC San Diego
February 2010: “Femslash Videos and Queer Literacies,” in workshop Participatory Cultures: From Wikipedia to Vidding

LA Queer Studies – Tenth Anniversary Conference, UCLA
October 2008: “Labors of Love: Economies of Identity in The L Word’s Fan-Driven Online Promotions”

Console-ing Passions – International Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media & Feminism, UCSB April 2008: “Labors of Love: Who Charts The L Word?” (“Gendered Fan Labor in New Media and Old” workshop participant)

Society for Cinema and Media Studies – International Conference, Philadelphia
March 2008: “The Shape of Things to Come: Online Promotions, Fan Videos, and Other Queer Technologies in the Progeny of ‘Battlestar Galactica'”

Media in Transition 5: Creativity, Ownership and Collaboration in the Digital Age – International Conference, MIT
April 2007: “Labors of Love: Capitalizing on Fan Economies” (“TV 2.0: Remixing Battlestar Galactica” panel chair)

Society for Cinema and Media Studies – International Conference, Chicago
Freud and the Humanities – Cogut Center for the Humanities, Brown University
March 2007, October 2006: “Show Me Yours: The Perversion and Politics of Cyber-Exhibitionism”

Popular Culture Association – National Conference, Atlanta
April 2006: “Hybrid TV: Fandom and Technology”

Society for Cinema and Media Studies – International Conference, Vancouver
March 2006: “Inside Out: Television on Television”

The Art and Politics of Netporn – Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam
September 2005: “The Real Thing: Reframing Queer pornography for Virtual Spaces”

Technotopias – University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
July 2002: “Cyborg Sex in Public: Fan Fiction On-line, and a Fantasy of Political Consumption”


Video Dialogue (FemTechNet DOOC 2013) / Feminism, Technology, and Sexualities, September 2013

Fan/Remix Video (a remix) / editorial introduction (with Francesca Coppa) & video project “Oh, Internet,” March 2012

Curator / In Media Res at MediaCommons

Video Interview / When Buffy Met Her Vampire Match, with “OurTube” by David Talbot in Technology Review (MIT),
September/October 2009

Slidecast (powerpoint plus audio) / documentation of Media in Transition 6 Media Temporalities panel, August 2009

Videos / HASTAC blog on creative uses of technology and participatory learning, 2008-2009

Video Interview / “Diane E. Levin: Child’s Play as Transformative Work,” March 2009

Forum Discussion (co-facilitator) / Academic Publishing in the Digital Age, November 2008

Podcast (audio production) / “Gendered Fan Labor in New Media and Old” workshop, with Bob Rehak, September 2008

Guest Dialogue (blog article) / Henry Jenkins’s “Gender and Fan Culture” series, with Hector Postigo, October 2007


Critical and Creative Practices – Planning Unit Coordinator
2014-2016 / The Evergreen State College

Caucus Coordinating Committee – Co-Chair
2013-2016 / The Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Transformative Works and Cultures open access online journal

  • 2012-present / Board Member
  • 2008 term / Symposium Editor (including inaugural issue)

Stanford Cardinal Broadcasting Network – faculty advisor
2010-2011 / Stanford University student TV station

Nominations Jury: Best Cross-Platform Project
2009 / 24th Annual Gemini Awards, Toronto

Departmental Graduate Student Liaison
2008-2009 / The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, Brown University

Cogut Humanities Center Working Group – coordinator
Spring 2005 / “Critical Theories of Pornography,” Brown University


Selected Summer Institutes, The Evergreen State College – participant
July 2014 / Latin@ Institute (two days)

THATCamp Feminisms East – unconference participant
March 2013 / Barnard College

Digital Feminisms learning community – collaborator
2012-2013 / Five Colleges

Open Educational Resources workshop – invited participant
September 2011 / Open Video Conference, New York Law School

Feminist and Queer Book Salon – participant
Winter-Spring 2011 / Women’s Community Center, Stanford University

THATCamp Bay Area – unconference participant
October 2010 / San Francisco

HASTAC Scholar
2008-2009 / Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory

The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, Brown University

  • 2009 / Summer Institute for Teaching and Technology
  • 2009 / Professional Development Seminar (Certificate III) and Classroom Tools Seminar (Certifcate II)
  • 2007 / Teaching Seminar for graduate students (Certificate I)