Online Materials

Mediaworks student television projects:

Current Affairs Programs, 2017

Termite TV West, 2016

campus lectures:

Online Safety Under White Supremacy (Day of Presence, 4/14/17)

Queer Windows (Critical and Cultural Theory lecture series, 2014)

additional class lectures:

Studying Television, Analyzing “Reality”

Media Remix

Many Copies: Media Hybrids

Media Ecology: Fandom vs. Copyright

recent YouTube playlists for class screenings:

Mediaworks: Remix as Media Critique

Mediaworks: Remix Essay

Mediaworks: Introduction to TV

Mediaworks: TV Realities

Mediaworks: Video Art

Mona Lisa Overdrive: Digital Media

Mona Lisa Overdrive: Jurassic Park

Consuming Cultures: Digital Labor

Consuming Cultures: Gendered Bodies

Consuming Cultures: Remixing Disney