1982: Welcome to Someday
McDonald's is getting hip to gender-neutral toys, check it out!
Angela Davis talking about feminisms, intersectionality in terms of issues and struggles rather than identity. LOVE.
seeing Angela Davis + @4noura speak on mass incarceration in US + Palestine = a most appropriate observance of Pesach! #bds @rcfoundation
You want to see @jonnyjlm singing "Frozen" in a prom dress? Ask and ye shall receive. #Elementary Tags: Elementary
My favorite @GoodTVeets from last night has to be "Winter is buffering." That's why I still have cable!
I'm not sure Disney has got a grasp on the concept of pirates.
Omg srsly Olivia gets abducted/almost raped for like the 19th time next ep?! WHY IS AMERICA SO OBSESSED WITH THIS, IT'S GETTING WEIRD #SVU Tags: SVU
Dept. of Irony
AND feat. The Glass, a vid by @twwings that could not be more appropriate…
and also a rare glimpse at + secret link to my embarrassing yet wonderful undergrad thesis, circa 2000! in keeping with theme of public-ness
Prezi feat. tweets by @iheartfatapollo @_mesk @melstanfill @pbooth81 (#SCMS14) + @trixies_star + article by @alothian @kbusse2 + R.A. Reid
I gave a fun lecture on Queer Windows (public/private + media + fandom) for @EvergreenStCol Theory series last week!
RT @zip: ATTENTION Transhumanist futurists are now to be known as the CYBORGEOISIE
From Flashpoint creator @St3phM0rg - what we tried to make. And why we're proud of it:
Check out my guest post on the tricky business of self-promotion @TenureSheWrote:
Recap: Industry Studies and/as Audience Studies #scms14 #storify #scms14 #k19 Tags: scms14 storify k19
"are you kidding," i said. "she invented computer programming!" "the lady from deep throat invented that?!" ...ADA lovelace. ADA NOT LINDA.
@iheartfatapollo I'm happy to see anyone use the term! I can send you the paper (it's also in my review of Legitimating TV for TWC).
.@iheartfatapollo "quality fan" concept distances itself from overly critical/emotional or erotic fandom //OMG YES #scmsw14 Tags: scmsw14
Quality fandom - @iheartfatapollo term for the moderated/industry-codified modes of fandom #scms14 Tags: scms14
It's almost as though "screw you academia I'm leaving you for someone hotter and younger" had become an essay genre
I appreciate how @melstanfill meldraws on queer theory to consider the industry's address/invitation of fans. #scms14 Tags: scms14
I think industry studies and/as audience studies #SCMS14 panel should be great. I *know* we have the best panel #: Tags: SCMS14
Macek: Debate btw oppositional and consumer based media activism is surrogate for larger debate between revolution and reform. #SCMS14 Tags: SCMS14
finally, proof 17th c coffeehouse culture was basically early modern reddit RT @funranium "The Art of Trolling," 1682
when you could spend an entire workday (that is, Saturday) answering work-related emails #proflife
I love how swan queen fans aren't like "yeah they're totally having sex." no no it's "yeah they're totally married." lesbians...
Relevant to #scms14 queer remix panel: fan videos make more for record industry than official videos. :/ Tags: scms14